Honoring Denver Yoga Teachers: Alex Cordoba

Yesterday, I took Alex Cordoba’s 12pm All Levels class at Kindness Yoga.

Alex’s authenticity was the aspect of her teaching that resonated most with me yesterday. From the moment I walked in the door, I felt the genuine enthusiasm and openness of heart that characterizes her and her teaching. In class, Alex spoke to all of us as friends. The warmness of her tone gently pried open levity and freedom in a group of shy students. Alex teaches from a place of total authenticity – in her voice, her choice of words, and in her love of teaching yoga.

All too often, yoga teachers struggle to speak their voice. Sometimes a teacher will offer what she thinks her students want from a yoga teacher rather than offering her unique voice and gifts. Alex reaffirms the value and the power of teaching from personal truth. Her yoga class served as a beautiful reminder to let your inner voice out. It’s already perfect, exactly as it is.

Tell me about a moment when you’ve discovered your voice!

And, if you’ve taken one of Alex Cordoba’s yoga classes in Denver, leave a comment on her sweetness!

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