Honoring Denver Yoga Teachers: Cheryl Deer

Today I took Cheryl Deer’s 9 am Forrest Yoga class at Root Yoga Center in Denver.

In her yoga classes, Cheryl offers each student complete nurturance, understanding, and love. Every student, no matter how familiar or how new to her classes, receives Cheryl’s complete attention and support in every moment on their yoga mat. She watches over each person with so much care that you physically feel the warmth and generosity of her spirit. The moment Cheryl senses a student is confused or needs help, she’s there – guiding them with her gentle voice, her intuitive hands and her big heart.

As anyone who has taken Cheryl’s yoga classes will tell you, Cheryl’s class is demanding! She consistently challenges beginners and advanced yoga practitioners alike. Everyone rises to the challenge. Cheryl’s love for her students and for Forrest Yoga inspires a greater level of strength and focus in every practitioner. Even as we’re sweating, maybe even trembling, with our efforts, we are uplifted by Cheryl’s nurturance. When we stumble, she encourages us; when we persevere, she celebrates us. She holds us close to our hearts. And, as a result, our hearts and our practices soar.

How has Cheryl changed your practice?

How has your teacher’s love uplifted you?

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