Honoring Denver Yoga Teachers: Drew Overholser

Today I took Drew Overholser’s 12 – 1 Flow class at Samadhi Center for Yoga.

In an hour long yoga class, I often feel rushed. I tend to see the time as limited and hurry myself into a more vigorous practice. Drew’s yoga class urged me to slow down, pace myself and enjoy.

Drew began class with numerous gentle poses to ease us into the practice. Slowly and surely, he built the momentum in our bodies to move to more challenging poses like a series of planks and side planks, and a few pointed Warrior Threes. Throughout the practice, both Drew’s tone and his sequence of poses invited us to enjoy our practice from a calm and steady center. His consistent reminders to focus on Ujjayi breathing guided me towards the breath as the nexus of ease and release in the poses.

Drew’s class was easeful and refreshing. I left feeling invigorated, clear, and centered – ready to step back into the world from a place of steadiness and calm.

If you’ve taken class with Drew, please share a comment on what you enjoy about his classes!

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