Honoring Denver Yoga Teachers: Desi Springer

Yesterday, I went to Desi Springer’s 8am Anusara Inspired Vinyasa class at Vital Yoga in the Highlands.

Desi is a beloved teacher in the Denver yoga community and having taken her class, I understand why. Desi’s graciousness welcomes each student to the practice from their own unique starting point.

As soon as Desi began her class, she asked us to gather in close in the large studio space. Then, she brought us in even closer with the honesty and humility of her dharma talk. By speaking to us so candidly and freely, Desi illustrated that everyone in the class would be embraced as they are – even Desi herself.

Desi’s clear focus on alignment challenged us to explore each pose fully. Sometimes, when a teacher’s alignment focus is so keen, students can feel as if they can never get the pose “just right”, that something always needs to be improved upon. But, Desi made a powerful point of celebrating the victories of every student in class. A student who integrated one subtle alignment cue received the same loving acknowledgment as a student who held Handstand in the middle of the room.

Through her honesty and her encouragement, Desi makes every student feel accepted and honored in their practice. Each person leaves reminded of their own brightness. Desi holds a mirror up to the light inside every one of her students.

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