Meditation Musings: Poised for Practice

Even the laziest meditation sessions can offer a world of insights.

The past two days of meditation, I felt sluggish – tired, sick and generally not that into it. So, I decided to give myself a break by meditating supine on my bed or plopped on my sofa, surrounded by pillows. While these positions sounds comfy, the meditation sessions were anything but. My focus dwindled, my breath shallowed and my mind wandered aimlessly. I could barely stand fifteen minutes of practice and couldn’t wait to move on.

When I compare these experiences to my seated, upright practice, I see now how essential poise and posture is to my meditation. Seated upright on my meditation cushion, my spine feels long and free and my awareness streams more naturally towards the flow of energy in my body and the quiet within. The poise of my posture invites my mind to focus on the moment.

Of course, you can meditate in any position you like – standing, sitting, swimming, jogging, or flying high on a trapeze. The key is setting an intentional posture. When you step into your meditation position with purpose, your mind honors your choice more readily and gracefully. The poise you offer into your posture offers itself back in the quality of your experience.

What’s your favorite meditation posture and why? How do you poise yourself for your practice?

Also, if you’re ever looking for some awesome tips on developing a solid, upright seated practice, check out this article by my teacher, Amy Ippoliti!

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