Honoring Denver Yoga Teachers: Nikki Gallant

On Friday, I took Nikki Gallant’s 5pm Anusara Inspired class at Samadhi Center for Yoga.

The things I love most about Nikki as a person are the things I love most about her as a teacher: her genuineness, her humility, and her authenticity.

One of Nikki’s gifts is her completely down-to-earth honesty. Nikki’s teaching reflects this gift. When she instructs a student into a challenging pose, she acknowledges the challenge. She speaks to her students as if she was right there on the mat with them, working through the same poses. Her approachability sets her students completely at ease and frees them to explore new depths in their poses.

Nikki’s authenticity shines through her teaching. No artifice, no show, no showing-off obscures her message. She speaks directly from the heart and from her own experience. This humility, this honesty lights up Nikki’s classroom and, in turn, opens the hearts of each and every one of her students.

Thank you, Nikki, for being so completely, so awesomely you!

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