Honoring Denver Yoga Teachers: Tina Aisner Porter

Yesterday, I took Tina Porter’s 9:30am emPOWERment yoga class at Kindness Yoga S. Broadway.

In a word, Tina’s great gift as a teacher is her honesty. Every aspect of her presence and her teaching conveys total authenticity and in-the-moment awareness.

Tina constantly draws her students back to their breath. What aspect of our selves could be more honest than the quality of our inhale and our exhale? Tina invites her students to discover this truth within their bodies. In every pose, she focuses on instructing the breath with each movement. Not a single inhale or exhale goes unobserved. The moment the breath of the class falters, Tina is there, reminding us, “Where is your breath?” By attending to our breath, Tina highlights what is real and true within each of us.

Beyond her focus on the breath, Tina herself conveys a refreshingly raw honesty in her words and actions. She never holds back what lives in the center of her heart. She speaks her truth. That kind of authenticity takes tremendous courage. But, the benefits are apparent: in the strength of her character, in the power of her teaching, and in the mindfulness and strength she kindles in each and every one of her students.

The honesty of Tina’s teaching is a gift. Treasure it the next time you unroll your mat with her.

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